Easy Clean-up With an External Hose

During cutting abrasive will build up on all surfaces of the tank, this can be a pain to clean if you don’t have a water hose nearby. To aid during clean up we attached a water hose tapped into the water supply line for the WAZER. This hose can also help to rinse abrasive off your cut pieces when they come out of the machine!

This is what our setup looks like, it has saved a ton of time and made it easy to leave the machine clean for the next user.

Running a hose off the water supply line is easy. All you’ll need is a T or Y connector, an extra length of 3/8 tubing (the same tubing used in the water supply line), an On/Off Valve, and a Garden Hose Thread to 3/8 PTC adaptor, and a Garden Hose Nozzle.

To use a T connector, insert it in-line with your water supply line and install the On/Off Valve on the hose that leads to the Nozzle.

To use a Y connector, insert the cut ends of the water supply hose into opposing fittings on the Y connector. Insert the hose that leads to the Nozzle on the other side of the Y and install the On/Off valve on this hose.

Share what you have done to make clean up easier below!


I have a bunch of spare fittings laying around my house - You can never have enough adapters. Unfortunately not many of them are push-to-connect. Is the 3/8 input hose measured on the OD or ID?

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The white PE hoses that are used in the WAZER are measured on the OD of the hose, the water supply hose is 3/8" and the drain hose is 1/2". They are also commonly referred to by number, the water supply hose is a #3 hose and the drain hose is a #4 hose.

Make sure that all of the PTC fittings you buy for this setup are sized for 3/8" hose, you can shop for PTC fittings on the page below.


Great idea. I have mine from the source.

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