Adjust the Water Level Easily

After cutting parts on the WAZER I typically rinse them off in the tank to keep the abrasive contained in the machine. Sometimes this leads to me adding too much water into the tank, and when I go to run the next cut I get the “Lower Water Level to Cut Bed” error message.

When this message appears you need to drain a small amount of water from the tank so that the water level is about even with the surface of the cut bed. There are a few tricks to do this easily:

One option is to remove the abrasive buckets and dump them out. This method is not reliable as there can be different levels of water/abrasive in the buckets so you may end up dumping out too much! If your water level is below the cut bed, add some water to fill it to the surface.

Another option that gives you more control over how much water is being drained is to run the Low Pressure Pumps and manually open the drain valve so that water is pushed out of the tank. To do this, start by running the Used Abrasive Collection from the maintenance menu. This will turn on the Low Pressure Pumps and keep them running.

With the Low Pressure Pumps running, manually press the black button on the pinch valve head. This component will be found on the right side of the Main Unit near the rear of the machine. See the pictures below to identify the pinch valve and the black button you will need to press.

This will open the valve and the pressure from the Used Abrasive Collection system will begin pushing water out of the tank through the drain hose. Watch the water level while you hold the valve open, and release it when the water level is where you want it.

Do you have any other methods you use to adjust your water level? Share them here!