Check drain filter and dump hose error

I have been using the WAZER for 2-3 years on a fairly consistent basis. However, every now and then I am bombarded with “check drain filter and dump hose” errors during cuts, (around 7-8 per cut). I have rerouted the dump hose and I consistently clean the drain filters, yet the error persists. From my observations, the drain filters are getting clogged with a soot-like material which messes with the water level sensor switch, and this error seems to occur more AFTER I clean the WAZER as opposed to before. If anyone has any quick fixes or long-term solutions to this error please let me know.

Hello @ASEI

There are a lot of factors that go into the water level management system. In order for us to get a better understanding of the issue, please let us know the following.

  • On average during cutting, where is the water level in comparison to the cut bed surface?
  • When the error occurs, where is the water level?
  • When did the last manual full tank cleaning occur? This process is required at approximately every 12 hours of cutting.
  • How clean are the interior drain filters at the rear?
  • How clean are the float switches inside the tank? Scrub the float switches and make sure no debris is attached on the bottom side of the switch. Any debris can affect the float’s reading of the water level.
  • How strong is the water flow to the front buckets? Turn the “Used Abr. Collect” feature on in the maintenance menu and let us know the strength of the water flow from all 4 outputs.


Thanks for responding.

  • I start off cutting with the water approximately 1/4" below the cut bed.
  • The water level is at or above the cut bed when the error occurs.
  • I last did a full manual cleaning on Monday (3 days ago).
  • The float switches are clean and free of any obstructions before every cut.
  • The water flow was very strong when I first cleaned the tank on Monday, and has gradually gotten worse as the WAZER has filled with used abrasive…however, the time between “check drain filter and dump hose” errors has gone down significantly as the tank gets more and more full (approximately 3-4 errors every hour as opposed to 3-4 every 15 minutes).

It is odd to hear of the inconsistent water flow pressure and error messages. This could be due to the low pressure pump’s condition or the middle float switch’s condition. To verify the middle float switch, we can take a look at the delta or different between the two triggering points of the switch.

You can find the middle float sensor in the back right corner of the interior tank, underneath the rear drain cover. Make sure there is no abrasive or debris building up anywhere on the middle float. Please wash/scrub the middle float free of any debris.

Select the following from the main menu, “Setup&Maintenance” > “Maintenance” > “Input/Output Check” > “Input” > “Water Level Sensor”. You can test the float switch down and up positions by holding the float switch all the way up before selecting “OK” on the water level sensor test.

Slowly let the float down until the UI Screen changes, indicating the down position. Take a picture of this down position. Then, slowly lift up on the sensor until the UI Screen changes, indicating the up position. Take a picture of this up position. Please take pictures of these triggering points and share with us.

These two triggering points should be very close together, and you should not have to move the switch much in order to send the signal. See the picture below for reference.