Error Message: Check Drain Filters & Dump Hose

A common error message you may experience when running the WAZER is the “Check Drain Filters and Dump Hose Error”. This error message shows up when there is an issue with the water level management system - typically a sign that the water in the tank is not adjusting to the appropriate level over an 80 second timer. There are a lot of components that go into this system, so it important to maintain these things regularly and clean often! :broom: :sponge:


The ideal drain rate for the WAZER is approximately 0.5 gal/min on average, with a peak drain rate closer to 1 gal/min. In order to maintain these drain rates, a few things should be looked into.

The Drain Filters this error message is referring to are the drain filters located inside the tank under, the rear cover. Make sure the drain filters are rinsed often and thoroughly. Also make sure that these filters are submerged under water completely. If air is introduced into the system, the drain rate will suffer.

The Dump Hose that this error is referring to is the clear silicone drain hose found before the white drain hose at the rear of the WAZER. Please make sure this hose is not constricting the drain rate (check for kinks, clogs/build up, etc.) Sometimes pinching/rubbing the clear silicone drain hose along the entire length can help push debris out and remove constrictions.

The final regular maintenance item is tank cleanliness. Check that the float switches located inside the tank and under the rear cover are clean and free of all debris. If built up abrasive is found on the float, it can affect its performance with the sensor. Also, if the baffle wall found at the rear is clogged, it can result in different water levels between the tank and the rear. Make sure when removing the used abrasive manually to also clean the baffle wall thoroughly. I like to use water in order to clear the baffle wall - blast water into the holes at the top and also at the bottom lip.

To make sure the water level system is working fully, check that the water flow into the used abrasive buckets is strong. You should see 4 water streams (2 on each side) that have strong flow.

As a final note, the ideal water level is approximately the surface of the cut bed, or 0.25 inches below. To test the drain rate and water level system, please perform a “Water Level Setup” test in the Maintenance menu!