Drain hose and drain filter

hey everyone i have a question? lately we have see alot of CHECK DRAIN HOSE AND DRAIN FILTER STOPS DURING RUNS. any idea why and how to fix this??

thank in advance

Sometimes this error message can be a result of an unclean tank. The middle float switch found in the rear right corner of the tank is responsible for monitoring the water level and managing the drain system. When was a full tank cleaning performed last?

I recommend checking out the forum post found here - it goes over a handful of root causes for this error message.

Had the same issue. I opened a ticket they found that a hose reroute was available for my machine. They sent me the rerouted hose. Problem solved.

I have the same problem during cutting ABS plastic. Didn’t have issues with cutting metals.

The black ABS particles get all stuck on the drain filters and I get the message about checking the drain hose and drain filter every 15-25 minutes. Once I scrap the filter by hand to remove the black ABS particles, then it is good for a while.

Any solutions on how to keep the filter cleaner with plastic floaty particles?