Check Drain Filters & Dump Hose on First Cut

Hi All,

I know this is a commonly asked question, but what is different with mine is that I haven’t even gotten through my first cut yet! Just a few minutes into our first cut – the NYC skyline loaded onto the memory card – we receive this error message.

We’ve gone over nearly every troubleshooting suggestion we’ve found on the website – the drain filters are perfectly clean and completely submerged, the dump hose is clear with only a slight kink where it enters through the plastic piece, and the tank is clean (especially since we’ve never used it before).

Is there anything else I need to check or do? If we hit OK, it will continue cutting for a couple of minutes before shutting off with the same error message.

Any and all help is appreciated!

Hey kcplidealab, welcome to the WAZER Forum!

Sorry to hear your running into this issue during your first cut. Your troubleshooting so far has been spot on, checking those two areas are the best place to start. @Alex created a really thorough post about this issue, check it out here!

The next thing I’d recommend looking into is the float switches. In the rear of the tank are float switches that will monitor and regulate the water level. Make sure all of the float switches are able to move freely along their full range of motion without hitting into each other or the tank wall.

If you aren’t able to resolve this issue please email us at to open a ticket and we can help you troubleshoot there. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your WAZER!