Water level issue

So I’ve adjusted the water level before my cut. Have done this a few times, just to make sure the machine is happy with the water level.
All seems good in the world.
I then start my cut, I barely get a minute into the cut, and it says water level too low.
Doesn’t matter how much I add, whether manually, or through the firmware option, within a minute, I don’t have enough water in the tank.
How do i fix this? What do I need to look at to see where the issue may be?

Hi @Corsair_Pilot, sorry to hear you running into this issue with your WAZER.

The best place to begin troubleshooting this issue will be to check the float switches. In the rear of the tank are float switches that will monitor and regulate the water level in the tank. See the diagram below to locate them:

Make sure that these float switches aren’t dirty or loaded with any abrasive, clean them thoroughly making sure to wipe anything attached to the bottom side of the float. While cleaning them ensure that they are able to move along their full range of motion without hitting into each other or the walls of the tank!

If this doesn’t help to prevent this error message from occurring during your cuts please open a Support ticket by emailing us at support@wazer.com, we’ll help to get you back up and cutting!

Hope this helps!