Blank screen (backlight on)

Hi, I’ve just installed my new Wazer, but the screen lights up blank. I found this page but it does not really solve the problem. I attached pictures of the floats and controller. The lower float on the right sticks straight out, while the two at the top droop down maybe 30 degrees. So I think the water level (about 1/16 over the bed) is correct. I also tried holding the upper floats down. I have a Wazer 1.5, and the page says to check my controller version, but does not say how. Nothing is printed on the outside of the controller. No updates have been made to the controller or its internal card since I got the machine. All four lights come on in the controller’s left column, but none of its other lights come on. Help!

Hello @jmzwebb and Welcome to the Forum! With the pictures you have shared, I believe the water level in the tank is too high. Please drain the water in the tank to the surface of the cut bed, or 1/4 of an inch below the surface of the cut bed. It appears your left side service float switch is in the up position, and if that is the case firmware will not successfully boot-load on the controller - causing a blank screen without text. Make sure the WAZER is power cycled once the water level is set.

Let me know if lowering the water level in the tank helps resolve this issue!

Thank you! This has resolved the issue. I was able to cut a thing!

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