Abrasive hose blow out

Hi there,
I had set up my wazer to do a job. I set it all up and walked away.
Came back, and found that the abrasive hose had been ejected from the nozzle, and I had water on the ground, and garnet seemed to have come out from the hose attached to the low pressure gauge and filter canister.
I’ve put the hose back into the nozzle, and I’m not getting anything. Garnet is not being picked up. Getting a lot of water but no garnet picked up.
How do I get my machine working again?

Hi Corsair_Pilot,

What you have experienced is a backflow problem. Essentially the high pressure water shot into the abrasive hose from the nozzle end and might have travelled all the way to the hopper end.

Whenever this happens, we need to check the high pressure system first. Please see the suggested steps below:

  1. keep the abrasive hose unplugged from the nozzle, go to “nozzle purge”
  2. conduct “nozzle purge” 3 times, each time pay attention to different things. (at the first time, observe if all water comes out from the nozzle tip, and none comes out from the abrasive port; at the 2nd time, pay attention to the pressure gauge on the pump box, make sure the needle is in the green zone; at the 3rd time, pay attention to the low pressure gauge on the filter canister, make sure the needle stays in the green zone)
  3. If the pressure is good, and no flow comes out from the abrasives port, use compressed air to blow the abrasive clean. There might be some wet abrasive clogging the hose.
  4. Then, connect the abrasive hose back to the nozzle, conduct another nozzle purge. This time we can do a suction check.
  5. If the suction check is good, then we can safely say the high pressure system is in good shape.

Next we can address the abrasive system.

  1. it is very likely water has back-flowed all the way to the hopper and wet the dropper, possible even the drop tube. Thus please follow steps on this page to clean the hopper use compressed air
  2. then you may conduct a quick abrasive check
  3. if the abrasive flow is weak, you can measure the flow rate, and check if all components are assembled properly.

Last but not the least, if the problem persisted, contact support@wazer.com immediately.


So this just happened to me. Went through all the steps, cleaned everything out, dried it, seemed good to go but then it happened again. I don’t have any gauges on my pump box (Kickstarter version probably) or I just don’t see them.

I’ve examined all the tubing and connections and I’m confused. Any insight would be much appreciated.