Bad cut performance

Hi All,
we are using the wazer since last year. In the beginning it works well. Now since a few months the wazer doesnt cut the material anymore. We tested all troubleshooting items, changed the nozzle, checked abrasive, checked the pressure, .... contacted the support many times, till today we cant find a solution for this big problem. Also the new Support for Europe, Cameo, couldn`t help us for the moment. Maybe other had the same problem or other ideas for a solution? When, would be nice to here from you. We are located in cologne / germany, maybe there are other users around here. Kind regards and thanks for your help, Axel / Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Hi @axel_autscbach_khm and Welcome to the Forum! If you are running into performance issues, there are a few checks we can look into to make sure the hardware is capable of cutting. Please look into the following -

  1. High Pressure Orifice Check - To make sure the high pressure orifice is producing a water stream capable of cutting, we can visually check its condition. The article found at the following link will walk you through the testing procedure (Link). For reference, the water stream should look like the video found below. If you are questioning your orifice, please share a video.

  1. Abrasive Flow-Rate - To make sure there is enough abrasive feeding into the cutting head, we can measure the flow-rate coming from the hopper. Please use a scale and measure the amount of abrasive collected after a minute. The standard testing procedure can be found at this Link.

Let me know what your high pressure orifice condition is, and the abrasive flow-rate. This will not help resolve the issue but instead is a great starting point to help identify the root cause. Thank you!

Hi Alex, thanks for your response. I checked both several times, for me the watestream was the same like in the video and the flow rate was also in the right amount. Would be nice to hear from you what maybe could be the next step. Kind regards, Axel

If the water stream matches the reference and the abrasive flow-rate is within spec, the failed cut likely stems from a clog occurring in the abrasive system or the cut file settings need to be adjusted. In order to further narrow down possible root causes, please share a description and a picture of the cut performance issue you are experiencing.

Hi, thanks for your response. I also used the preset file for example and it looks like that.
Kind regards, Axel

Thank you for sharing the picture! Since the partial cut is found sporadically around the entire path, it is likely an issue between the preset file and the material. If you share the preset gcode file you used on this material, we can take a look to identify the speeds and material settings used.

What material is this? Thickness? Does this material match the settings found in the gcode file? I believe with some slower pierce times and speed rates, the cut will be successful!

Hi Alex,
its 3 mm Al, and i cutted in the past other files with the same material, and it works. And you can see in the Gcode that the specs are right. What do you think?
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards

Thanks for the check! Each material is made differently. The cut on the material you are performing now could have different compositions of aluminum or has been age/temperature hardened.

Another possibility is the abrasive and the abrasive flow-rate. If the flow is too low, inconsistent, or a sourced abrasive is used - you can see performance issues such as this.

I would recommend a tear down on the abrasive pinch valve to make sure the mechanical components are as clean as possible, and increasing the abrasive flow-rate by installing a larger sized abrasive orifice. Both procedures can be found below.

  1. Abrasive Pinch Valve Teardown
  2. Larger Abrasive Orifice

Moving forward, I believe running the same job on the same material is possible, but please manually adjust the feed-rate to approximately 70%. This will slow the movement speeds and pierce time down by 30% of the parameters set in the job. Once the job has started, press up or down on the direction pad to manually adjust the feed rate. Please note that the manual feed rate is adjusted only for the current cut, and if the job is performed again it will default back to 100%.


Please let me know the results of the 70% feed rate cut job test after the previous items have been looked over!