Blocked Nozzles, uncompleted Cut

Hello everyone,

we’ve ordered the Wazer some time ago and having trouble getting a full cut.
We’re using the original abrasive but for whatever reason it always get stuck in the nozzle.

It is nearly not possible to do a full cut.
Also we tried various Materials Aluminium/Steel/Stainless - everytime the same issue.

We tried everything from the Manual but nothing worked out so far.

Any Idea what we can do?


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Contact the technician at WAZER. Very competent crew. They have video on how to clean the machine. I have the same problem with all my machines. Down time creates a problem for any CNC product. I have found that emptying machine of the water and blowing out your lines prevents a faulty start up.


If you keep the line dry between cuts by disconnecting from underneath the garnet hopper and disconnecting from the nozzle head, then blowing out with compressed air (and wear goggles when you do this!), You will cut down on clogs almost entirely.

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Im having the same problem. I was able to cut the test piece and 6 glass pieces. After leaving it for a week, the water runs and the abrasive comes and goes. It has been really frustrating, trying to troubleshot via email and being a night owl on the west coast. Tried all the tips in the binder but they did not resolve the issue.

i will try this suggestion, thank you!

And a very important thing to consider is; where is your abrasive stored? It has to be bone dry.

Hello @HeikoS! Welcome to the WAZER Forum, and thank you for sharing your concern.

If you are finding a lot of abrasive getting stuck in the nozzle, this may be a direct root cause due to the abrasive flow-rate. I recommend measuring your abrasive flow-rate through the test in the maintenance menu and measuring the amount you get on a scale. The ideal flow-rate is approximately 130~150 g/min - If you are seeing a flow-rate that is higher, for example around 160~170g/min or more, this is an indication that the abrasive orifice that controls the flow-rate is either missing or worn out. Too much abrasive can cause the nozzle to clog with abrasive, resulting in water to backflow down the abrasive hose and clog the hose as well.

The standard flow-rate testing procedure can be found here! The abrasive orifice is found at the bottom of the center of the drawer/hopper. Please make sure it is not missing.

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What do you mean emptying machine of water?

Cleaning your machine out of your old water which has abrasives in it and putting in fresh. I use our machine for certain projects and then it sets for a period. During that time I will drain the tank. Clean everything out so it is ready for our next use. I will take the abrasive lines loose and on restart I will blow them out. I did have a clogged nozzle at one point and I have know idea why… Help desk walked me through the steps and was going in 15 minutes. We have the best help line I have ever seen with a machine. I have every manufacturing machine in the industry. Every tool has there use and Water Jets are a pain at times but we need ours on certain projects and others I will move to a better process.
I am ready for a bigger table @wazer.

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