Serious Question

Hi, Does anyone else feel like they spend more time taking this thing apart and chasing problems than they actually spend cutting? I’m almost there…
This is a serious question. I’m curious. I love this thing and want to spend more time cutting with it. I have one of the original kickstarter versions (which has had most parts upgraded at this point) and wonder if my situation is unique to that version of machines.


Hi Nathan,

The kickstarter version machine may have some parts differ from the latest version. However all the vital systems, such as high pressure and abrasive system should be to the same standard as the latest machine.

If possible, please let the WAZER support team know what might be the problems you are experiencing.

Thank you,

I just got my machine in October and have been having problems with the line and hopper clogging. I basically cut glass as you do. My best results have been to raise the nozzle higher than the guide device recommends and I level the machine each time I start a series of cuts. I also feel the time chasing issues has taken up a great deal of my time but doing these two things has certainly helped. At least I haven’t had to call or send a work sheet through the website in the last month or so.


I feel the same way, it needs constant babysitting since day one, almost not worth the hassle so far. Ive had a complete pump box replacement after the first 3 hrs running as it mysteriously gave up, now constant clogs after about 2 hrs running which appears to be a dodgy pinch valve…

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Yeah I got mine in Oct of 2022. Used it 5 times and every time its a pain the the butt.

Always out of water after each abrasive dump. Which is every 30-60mins. Gotta get the bucket full of fresh water and take it over to the machine… You would think a machine with a water line could fill itself.

Today it started leaking water from the pump… I just put a tray under it, maybe it will stop…

Tons of abrasive in the bottom of the machine. I had to pull it out by hand a few mins ago… Your suppose to wear gloves when using this machine… how, what do I need gloves to my shoulders?

wam software is junk… can’t save designs, never has the material setup I’m cutting. Wont copy and let me edit existing materials, I have to screenshot similar material settings and guess. Website has material settings the wam software doesnt… why? Wont allow two objects to have different material settings. Same thickness, but no… gota stop the machine and start over with new file.

WAM software also changes sizing of all my objects slightly a few mms matter people. Sometimes 5 objects will be the same scale and then one will be a few mm bigger than normal… for no reason. super frustrating. If you want to change the offset or inset of a cut, forget it. stop re import, resetup everything, then mod your offset then reexport again.

Also why doesn’t it put fine mid course all in the same file… why am I putting all these files on a card. WHY CAN"T I USE MORE THAN 10 letters to name my files… stupid.

Machine doesn’t have WIFI? Really it’s 2023 and my toaster has wifi…

Every 30-60 mins you have to fix some issue… it’s a waste of time, wish I hadn’t bought it. Could have bought a CNC machine for the same price with better results, and I wouldn’t have had to dig up my yard to install a waterline in the shop.

biggest waste of money ever.

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Also this site keeps logging me out every 10 mins.

Hi @alicearts, Although OnGrade Studio is a glass based operation I rarely cut glass with this thing…

It took me a few months to realize there is a tank cleaning function in the maintenance menu. If you use it regularly, after cutting sessions, it kinda works.

My favourite new obstacle is the fact that I need to put the entire weight of my body on the lid to get it to register as closed. And apparently, if I jump through enough hoops the powers that be might fix the fact that I have NEVER been able to move my on screen selection or the head using the UP arrow on the controller. I always have to go back to home and start over…

So there is a magnet in the black lid seal on one or both sides of the lid. You have to use a screwdriver to move them closer to the edge or push them further in. I had the same problem. Not sure if this will help.

I see your bad reviews here. I would love to take your unit off your hands. I will pay the shipping cost and give you a tax credit for donating to education. I will thank you in advance.


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There are 2 magnets that register the door closed. its super easy to adjust them. Finding that solution was not.

Regarding scooping out abrasive, I bought a plastic ladle which makes life a lot easier scooping out abrasive - and plastic so doesn’t risk damage to the bottom of the tank,