Love Hate relationship with WAZER

I bought the Wazer mainly to have fun and possibly make a little money making things that my other machines do not do well.

There are things that I love about the Wazer. The price is reasonable considering everything. It does a great job of cutting parts when you can get around all the many many obstacles.

WAM is a total joke full of bugs and obscurity and unnecessary restrictions. It is not in any way a professional program. Support is great at listening but it has been many months since I complained about serious flaws and all they say it it is on the list.

A few things that really bug me are:

WAM basically sucks but some of the worst things are it having to be restarted over when files do not load properly. Really horrible treatment of the whole tab facility. Minimal materials list. Inaccurate estimate of time to cut not just inaccurate but full of bugs. Does not reset the time estimate often and adds the new estimate to the old.

The machine does work amazingly well but operating it on a daily basis would drive me totally nuts. Having to rehome even if just repeating the same part and having to say yes to the same dumb question over and over is a total waste of time If you accidentally hit OK too many times you can not go back, have to shut off machine and start over.

Not being able to specify cut order makes much more work designing parts. With such horrible tab editing in WAM and the bizarre (I feel like I am watching a crazy person when the machine is moving from place to place) choice of cut order you have to make your own tabs even thought they would not be necessary if you could assign cut order. Light Scribe lets you assign colors to features and set parameters including cut order by color. Simple and powerful. Trying to figure out what Wazer will do based on the closure of features and the choice f cut path is brain curdling. I just want to make parts not spend all day having failures.

I have a small laser engraver and the $65 software to make the gcode files (and run the machine if it is connected) is excellent. There is not much difference between Light Burn and what WAM does horribly. I have spoken to the people who sell Light Scribe and they are interested in adapting the program to make files for the Wazer. I have no confidence that Wazer will ever improve their software or firmware or at least not in my lifetime.

the features and bug fixes I am asking for would not be difficult to implement. I program is several languages and kn ow how easy it is to make changes but of course some times difficult to track down bugs in badly written software.

I wrote programs that I share with people with similar hobby interests. If someone informs me of a bug or asks for features I usually have it done in a day. And I am doing this for free. Wazer has a customer base that if they are not stupid should be really annoyed at how bad the software is especially how much time it wastes that can be easily avoided if they cared.

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