Start business with this machine

Hi is there annyone of you stating a busines with this machine? If so is this easy how is the bennefit on a cut and the cost? How manny material you use and what are the costs?

Im mabe planning onnstart business with wazer but dont know annough.

Greetz and thx in advance Edwin

This machine may be affordable, but what kind of business are you thinking? Production? Prototyping?
Either way, this machine has several limitations. One big one is the speed. I just got done cutting the parts to a 3d printer enclosure on mine, and it took hours. I really wanted to make it work, and I did. But it would have taken me minutes in a small CNC machine.

This machine has its uses, but being the primary workhorse for a business would not be one in my opinion.

I consider the machine for prototyping only. It is too slow to compete with companies like SendCutSend.

The only program for creating gcode for the Wazer is currently their WAM. It is so horrible and the requirements for input files are so bizarre that you will waste many hours getting a file you can be proud to cut and sell.

Then there is all the time wasted in making multiple parts. You have to re-home after each part and have to answer the same stupid questions each time. If you click OK too many times you have to start over. I have no problems like this with my CNC router my laser cutter or any other of the CNC machines I have used over many years.

I like what the Wazer can do but am really pissed off that the WAM software is so horrible and the firmware to drive the machine also sucks.

We need to complain about this and maybe they will listen, but we already bought our machines so they will probably not listen to us.

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