Selling WAZERV1.5 - Rhode Island


We are looking to give our Wazer a new home. We are a manufacturer from Rhode Island and are moving to a new location and are unable to take it with us. It has been lightly used and runs well with no blemishes to the machine (see attached photo

Wazer Model - WAZERV1.5
Serial Number - M150164600
Serial Number Pump Box P15A158700
Total Cutting Time - 41:41:39

We are looking to sell for about $8,000, please inquire for additional information on the Wazer and/or pricing.


I’m interested but am on the West coast. Any idea what shipping would be to the Seattle area?

Hi Michael,
I am checking what our shipping cost to the Seattle area would be. I should have a quote sometime today.

Hi Michael,
Shipping ground via single pallet freight should cost around $325 and take about 6 days from us to you. If you are still interested in the Wazer I’d be more than happy to exchange information to chat further about the details.

Thanks Tom.

I would like to get more details like why you can’t take it with you to your new place; what materials you were cutting with it, etc.

Here’s my email.


Tom, if you haven’t sold it let me know we are local to you.