Any Seattle area Wazer users out there?

Hi folks.

I’m wondering if there are any Wazer owner/users in the Seattle area that I could talk with and maybe have a visit with. I’m considering a purchase but I’d love to see one up close.

Thanks, Michael

Hey Michael!

If you are looking to get acquainted to a WAZER locally, my recommendation is to check with any local verified resellers. Luckily, there is a reseller in Washington - North West Technical Products Inc.

For a full list of verified resellers, please check the link below. You will find NWTech’s contact info there. They will be happy to help!
(Resellers - WAZER)

Thanks Alex. I’ll get in touch with NWTech. What’s the difference between an “authorized reseller” and a “preferred education reseller” which is what NWTech is listed as?

The Education resellers specialize in the educational market segment only, and they are regional.

The Authorized USA Resellers can sell to any market segment anywhere in the USA.

My recommendation is to reach out to NWTech (or the most local reseller) to see if they can get you acquainted with a WAZER in-person. If not, the Non-Educational Resellers may be able to assist you as they will help with any market segments.

All the resellers listed are Authorized and have an official partnership with WAZER. Any resellers not listed are not authorized.

Sorry for the late response. I’m the tech for the WAZER at the Northend Makerspace and if you haven’t already checked one out feel free to reach out to us at