WAW is reshuffling my layout

Today WAW is reshuffling everything my layout at random. I’m getting several things arranged and suddenly at random it shuffles everything. Its making me crazy!! Honestly WAW has a LONG way to go before it is decently usable.

I hope others complain about horrible WAM is. I keep telling them and they say they are working on it and some day it will be better. I have my doubts and am putting my bet on third party software. If I were younger I might consider writing it. I think there is someone (with past experience and greats products behind them) working on a WAM replacement.

I think it’s the direct result of the captive environment. I mean for Christ’s sake the things been around for 10 years should be much better than it is! I’ve played around the 3D printers for as long as wazer has been around and even the worst slicer programs are significantly better than wam.

Are you reading Wazer? I hope more people complain. WAM is a total joke and we need to complain or they will do nothing about it. But I really think that they are just incapable of writing decent software. If the give the job back to the team that wrote the current WAM it will maybe be different but probably not much better. Whoever could write that piece of crap and feel good about it is a terrible programmer. I proposed to the people who sell the fine Light Scribe program for laser engravers that they write a replacement for WAM and it looks like they actually might. I can do everything I want to do to quickly cut and engrave with my laser. With the Wazer it is a huge struggle to edit the dxf files with tabs offsets etc to try to get around the severe limitations of WAM.

Has Wazer really been around for 10 years? If I was foisting software on the public that bad and I had not improved it in 10 years I think someone would tell me to find another job.

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