Fusion 360 and Wazer

It is unlikely that I will get any support from Wazer. I am totally fed up with WAM so am figuring out how to use Fusion 360 with the Wazer post processor to have more control over the CAD/CAM process. I do not like Fusion so I will be making my DXF files in Rhino and importing to Fusion to be able to use its post processor.I have tested the basics and as far as I can tell gcode from Fusion is essentially the same as that from WAM and there is more customizing to be done which should make it identical. The post considers piercing time and cut speed etc. It looks like it is possible to add leads and tabs in Fusion although I will probably add tabs myself in the DXF. The procedure will allow you to select cut order so few if any tabs will be needed.

I have outlined the necessary steps in a rather crude document that could use editing by others especially if they are familiar with this process. I am also making a materials list (slowly coping data from WAM but hope to get data from Wazer to make this easier and to also correct errors in the WAM properties tables) that can be used to set the relevant parameters when running the post. It is possible to have multiple posts for different materials but it looks like it will be easier to just have one and to change the parameters for each file. This may have the slight disadvantage of not having correct text information in the gcode header and therefor the LCD display on the Wazer but this should not affect the operation.

Anyone interested in this project is welcome to provide information editing skills and work copying data. It is about time that Wazer had a decent way of making gcode for it. Four years abd Wazer still has buggy garbage software with errors in the materials tables.


There is always that one that will blow up a Forum.
Thanking Alex for his explanation on exporting a DXF should fix your issues.
Fusion is slowly taking over your CAD Software world. Solid Works is what we use in our curriculum but I find FUSION to be a much friendlier choose of tools.

I am interested in alternatives to WAM Alex only explained how to export a DXF to use in WAM. This is not new information and has nothing to do with generating gcode without WAM. WAM is a disaster as a lot of people know. The interface is clunky it crashes often and the data in the material tables is wrong in several places. It is not a professional tool in any sense.


When the support team doesn’t seem to have a clue on the software side, it takes the community to fill in the blanks that the support team doesn’t seem to want to do. Maybe the software works for your use, but for people with the slightest amount of experience with anything professional or even just an open source 3d printer splicer, this software needs a lot of improvement and when we bring this up, all we get told is that the feedback has been given to the dev team.

The support team on this forum tells you that it breaks warranty if you open up the config file that was given to us by Wazer themselves. The config file that explicitly says “user modifiable parameters” and the support team tells us we aren’t allowed to change them and it breaks warranty if we do? I’m sorry but more people should be blowing up this forum so people understand what they are getting themselves into when they want to buy one of these.


I had no idea how bad the software could be when I bought mine. If I had even a hint I would not have bought the thing. I have been running CNC machines for many years. It just didn’t occur to me that the software could be so bad and after 4 years they have done nothing to replace it. I believe it is beyond “repair” it is just garbage plain and simple. I have pretty much figured out now to use Fusion and the Wazer post along with trying to get correct values from Wazers materials charts which are full of errors. Maybe that is why they think you will blow up the machine by using their error full tables.

If you are tired of waiting for better software that will never happen or are disturbed by Wazers insistence that warranty will be voided by using gcode other than from their shitty program, please speak up. If enough people complain maybe they will do something but I seriously doubt it. Threatening to void the warranty is just plain shitty. None of the other machines that I have come with this threat. If the machine can be damaged by bad gcode it is a crappy machine. Limit switches and parsing of the code for bad values will protect the machine. Do not blame us if the machine destroys itself although I doubt that would happen.

Not allowing the use of industry standard software is just plain evil. If WAM was decent maybe bu it isn’t. I have wasted too much time with it. It is worthless for anything but the most simple parts the precision of which you do not care about. I can make precision parts on my laser with good software without wasting time. It just plain works. WAM is confusing and full of bugs. Every time I complain they say they know about the bugs, well WTF don’t they fix them. If the person who wrote that crappy software took off and they have no way to fix it, start over and hire someone competent.