Fusion 360 cam post processor

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone uses fusion360 cam in place of the wam software. Looks like a post is available and I’m curious if anyone has used it and if it works well.

Looks like it has presets in the post for aluminum, stainless, and 4130, with the option to default to the presets or designate feeds and speeds via the tool settings in the cam software.

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Using a workaround for the WAM software is not recommended and is a direct violation of Warranty and Support services. In the event of ignoring the User Manual and following unsupported workflows/systems, your Warranty and Support Services will be void. Damage to your WAZER, environment, or injury/death to the user is possible. To review the Terms of Service and Warranty, please find this information here - Thank you!

With that said, I do not recommend Forum discussion around any Warranty violations. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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That is just stupid

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Alex, I think it would be good for WAZER to look at this and even work with Autodesk to help further develop the post processor. Almost every CNC Machine, whether it is a Mill, Lathe, CNC Router and plasma table all support Fusion.

Limiting WAZER only to the WAM software really limits users and it would help with development workflows for integrating WAZER into a larger production environment.

I am not sure what the limiting factor is. WAZER is just a GCODE device. If you help develop the post processor, I am sure it would help with sales in the future.



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Honestly, this is a great idea! Being able to Support Fusion additionally would open up possibilities for the larger production environment. I will personally share this feedback with the Development Team and push this into our in-house dev. log.

The intentions behind WAM are to enable all of our users, no matter what market or experience level with CNC they have, and give easy access to a quick to use software. There was no intention to limit users and apologize if that is the case.

At this time, the Development & Customer Support teams can only support trusted and tested software - such as WAM. Any workaround outside of this will result in safety concerns because they are not tested/trusted. Hence, the ToS Violation.

Moving forward, I will make sure your voice is shared internally to the Development Team - Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


I would love to see Fusion 360 as a part of WAZER but Autodesk is charging for every little tab now that it has become so useful. It will be another IOS money grabber before its over. Hoping I’m wrong!
Every machine I own has proprietary software these days. WAM is as good as any other or better on the market. TRUMPF has theirs and charge $135 an hour for a zoom call.