DXF import issues

Hi there, I’ve drawn a multitool design in Adobe Illustrator. When I bring it into Wazer the linework is imported all weird and wonky. I’ve tried a number of different export options and they don’t seem to work. Help is needed please! It’s so frustrating that you don’t have a profile for Fusion 360 / KiriMoto.

Hi @HugoBus! Do you mind going into some more details on how you are exporting/saving the file out of AI? Additionally, sharing the AI file here will be the quickest way to help us re-create the issue and play with some of the export settings to find a solution.

When playing with AI and tackling similar issues I found the quickest way to import it into WAM without any issue is the following:

File > Export > Export as… > Make sure the file type is a .dxf > Save > A pop-up will open after clicking save. Make sure the settings match the image below.

Do these steps help resolve the file import issue?

Hi there thanks for the response. It seems I can’t attach the .ai file to this thread and it didn’t work responding to you as an email either. Is there a Wazer support email I can send it to?

You can submit a ticket to WAZER Support anytime by emailing them at support@wazer.com. In the meantime, I will look into the ability to share .ai files here on the forum

AI files should now work and can be shared on the Forum!

Okay it now says ‘new users cannot upload attachments’