DXF file not importing

Any reason this file is not importing to WAM? I get the constant spinning spokes forever. It was created in Vectorworks as a polyline. I tried converting it to all other types before exporting as a DXF (polygon, 3D polygon, mesh, NURBS) with no luck.

Cutshape.dxf (298.9 KB)

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Hi Michael. I’d look at the sharp angle in the one corner marked by the red circle. It may be too tight for inside or outside cutting due to the kerf, so try centerline. Can you radius the meeting point of the lines slightly?

Also, remember to explode/separate all closed curves before exporting to DXF.

Good luck!


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Thanks for the reply C.

I tried doing what you suggested, I even squared off the point an inch back, but still no luck. Previously, and just now, was able to successfully import the drawings attached here. No problems with those points.

It must be something in the Vectorworks export to DXF, even though the drawing shown above was done in VW. I just tried uploading a drawing of a simple rectangle DXF to WAM with no luck.

Yup, figured it out. I had an incorrect setting in the Vectorworks DXF export dialog.



Hi @michaelk, sorry to hear you’re running into this problem with your files.

I took a look and found that the feature in your file is drawn as a shape/object, it does not consist of the polylines that WAM looks for to accurately interpret the file. I found this by opening the file in QCAD, notice in the picture below that the individual line segments cannot be selected. Only the entire shape can be selected, this tells us that it is drawn as a shape/object.

To resolve this I used the Explode function, which will separate the shape/object into the individual line segments that make up the feature. After this was done I can select a line segment by itself, showing that it now consists of polylines. This file could then be loaded into WAM without any issues (I attached the Exploded file below).

CutshapeEDIT.dxf (98.4 KB)

I’m glad to hear that you were able to resolve this issue in Vectorworks! I’m not familiar with this program but the page below will go over the exporting procedure to be followed in some of the other popular CAD programs. I hope this helps to avoid file issues going forward!


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