Uploaded DXF not correct

When I upload the pattern shown below as a single DXF file, holes that are supposed to be inside the pattern are showing up off to the right, outside the pattern. What’s going on?

There could be an issue during the export process! Do you mind sharing your DXF file so I can take a further look? Additionally, please let me know the CAD software you are using so I can help provide direct next steps - otherwise there is a recommended export steps at the link below!
(Exporting DXF Files — WAZER Support | The First Desktop Waterjet.)

Thanks for taking a look Alex. I’m using Vectorworks to generate the DXF file.

Back.dxf (621.6 KB)

Not sure what went wrong during the export but when importing the file you just shared directly into WAM and into the CAD software QCAD, I see the following:

When inspecting the lines in QCAD, I found that the outside perimeter had a set of double lines. Essentially there was a 2nd line on top of itself so perhaps the export process had happened twice or was copied at some point? That would also help explain the double internal holes - I am just not sure how/why a copy of the internal holes ended up outside the perimeter.

After deleting the double line and outside internal holes, the file was imported into WAM without any issue. DXF file attached here:

Back [WAZER].dxf (100.1 KB)

One final concern came up when following through with the cut! The two smaller internal holes on the top and bottom of the larger hole are too small to be cut internally. If the Outside Cut Path is used these 2 small holes will be omit because the kerf/pierce is too big for the holes to cut internally. If this is a concern, I recommend making the holes bigger or cutting on the center-line cut path if dimensions have a larger tolerance.

Thanks Alex.

I’m not sure what happened either. Somehow I figured out a way to export the DXF with the holes where I wanted them but the extra ones on the outside kept on appearing. I ended up just deleting them in WAM.

After importing the DXF back into Vectorworks, I could see there was another copy of lines on top. Thanks for pointing that out. That’s probably why it made two identical passes during the dry run. :sweat_smile:

For the small holes, I didn’t know if they were big enough and indeed they weren’t. I’ll make them bigger next time. It was a little unclear from the instructions I found somewhere as to what the minimum size they needed to be for the Wazer to recognize them using the outside cut option. I just wanted pilot holes that would be drilled out bigger later. Is there no way to have the wazer make just a piercing hole at a designated point?

Thanks again.


Pilot holes are a great idea! To change any holes to auto-pierces in WAM, make them the following sizes:


Essentially, any holes that are 1.1 to 2.6mm in size will become auto-pierced when using the Outside Cut path!
(Auto Pierce — WAZER Support | The First Desktop Waterjet.)

i use rhino cad and it some times doubles up curves for no apparent reason. this is especially true if i use vectorize the double curves are there in the drawing not being created on export to dxf at least this is the way rhino fucks it up