Not cutting 1.2mm mild [uk]

I’m representing a charity who purchased a 2nd hand wazer in the UK.

We transported it back, set it up, levelled the base etc and we initally struggled with high pressure water feed which we solved by turning down manually using a restriction valve.

We tried cutting some random metal we found in the workshop but failed to do anything other than mildly mark it.

I have bought a small chunk of “1.2mm mild steel” from eBay and tried using WAM to generate a cut path. At present I would say using the 1.2mm and 2.0mm settings, whilst lots of abrasive is being deposited on the workpiece, it’s failing to pierce.

I have blown the airline and checked the bed. it’s currently out of alignment by 1mm into the bottom right corner, but even at the exact point I’m measuring from, I cannot get it to pierce.

As I say, abrasive seems to be coming out at a fair rate and the water pressure is well in the green and I’m aligning the head to the workpiece using the black cap.

I would say it’s slightly engraving the surface to a depth of 0.2mm. Any ideas?

From the cut bed. Bit difficult to see whether it’s cutting when it’s spraying.

I see in the last picture the nozzle height is rather large - is this the height you are attempting to cut at?

I wanted to double check before I mention any other troubleshooting steps!

I lifted it to check to see if it’d been pierced. The picture you included is what I do prior to the cut! Suggest away!

What is the condition of the orifice inside of the cutting head? Does your water stream look similar to the reference found in this link?

Let me know the results of the orifice water stream!


Bit cracked! Can I buy a replacement seperately? It’s only done 3hrs of cutting. I’ve used the spare in the pack.

Cutting fine now, but it’s not always cutting through and there’s some weird aberrations. Anything we can do to make the cut more consistent? That was a 5mm bit of aluminium cut on 6mm setting, so I don’t think it’s speed/strength or consistency of metal.

Glad to see cutting was restored after resolved the clogged orifice. It’s difficult to tell if the jewel is damaged or if a piece of debris is folded into the center. If you’re able to remove the debris from the jewel you may be able to return it to it’s original/working condition.

If the jewel is damaged, the WAZER Support Team will be happy to provide a spare upon request. Email the team directly at!

The cut results for the aluminum look a little rough. To verify the dry abrasive system is working ideally, the flow-rate from the hopper can be measured. Measure the abrasive flow-rate and share the results here!

If the abrasive flow-rate is appropriate, there could be a potential cut setting issue. You mentioned the material is 5mm aluminum but didn’t mention which grade of aluminum or if there are any hardening techniques. Is the material 6061, 7075, etc. and is the material hardened using any methods?

Finally, which cut quality was selected in the final step of WAM? The difference between coarse, medium, and fine can result in cleaner edges.