Abrasive hose holder

Hi all, I’ve made a 3D print design to hold the abrasive hose and plug the hose hole, while performing Water Levelling, Tank cleaning etc. I’ll share it here, just in case it’s of use to some of you.

I’d recommend printing in red, so you don’t forget it is in place!

Thanks and happy cutting :+1:


Thanks for the download. Printing one now.
Did you use o-rings on the male end?

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No it’s a really nice fit for me without O-rings.

Glad it’s of some use :+1:

Hey @AJStubbsy! Welcome to the Forum! Sharing a file over thingiverse is a great way to share files, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you! :smiley:

A tool like this can be a powerful reminder to get users in a good habit! I personally like to keep the abrasive hose removed from the nozzle at all times until I am ready to start the cut. This helps manage and keep backflows/clogs to a minimum. I’ve got this file saved to my desktop and am looking forward to sharing it with the dev team later :sunglasses:

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