Used Abrasive Collection

Over time, the used abrasive collection system may run into a few hiccups. Making sure this system works as efficiently as possible will result in a tank that requires less manual clean up or extends the time between manual clean up!

The best place to start is by checking the pick-up filter and venturi block condition. Every time I perform a full tank cleaning, I remove the 4 pick-up filters located inside the tank and clean them out thoroughly. Disconnect the pick-up from the PTC and inspect the inside of it - make sure no clogs are present by rinsing or pushing a brush/water through it

As you can see, there is some dark colored unknown debris clogging the top of the pick-up filter. Because of this clog, it stopped any used abrasive movement to the front bucket.

If the pick-up filters are clear, then the next thing to check is the condition of the venturi block. Luckily it is easy to inspect these blocks from the outside. Check all 4 blocks to see if there is debris clogging the water flow. In the example below, it appears a piece of the cut bed has found its way through the system.

The quickest way to try and push any clogs out of the system will be through reverse flushing. A nearby water hose/source can be directed into the water streams by the front buckets. If you are interested in making your own easy to use hose off the WAZER Supply water line, I recommend checking Greg’s Forum post here!

With access to a nearby water source, push water down all 4 of these streams for approximately 15 - 20 seconds each stream. Hopefully this will help push the clog out of the system and back into the tank so it can be cleaned at a later time.

You can also try flushing water through the system in the normal direction - through the drain filter! Remove the drain filter and use water to push clogs through/out the system.

Sometimes a quick priming of the low pressure system can bring results. Plug the left or right side streams at the same time to see if this brings any used abrasive flow back.

Additionally, the Tank Cleaning Cycle and ABR Pick-up Cleaning Cycle can help clear the area around the pick-up filters with high pressure water. If the tank is getting close to full with the used abrasive though, these cycles will likely just compound/push the used abrasive tightly together.

If you have your own tips/tricks at removing the used abrasive or keeping this system clean, please share them! The more used abrasive I can remove from my WAZER, the quicker I can finish building my own private beach :beach_umbrella:

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