Not Collecting Abrasive

My machine’s trays are never full. I finish and run the tank cleaning cycle and each round of cutting. I collect abrasive but I almost always have little to no abrasive in the trays. I’ve had to drain the tank and find at least 8" deep of abrasive at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

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Have you tried this: Venturi Clean Out — WAZER Support | The First Desktop Waterjet.

Hi Alicearts,
I would like to know if your issue was resolved and what steps did you take.

I did what was suggested and my left tray fills but not so much the right one.

I have the same problem, left fills up and other doesn’t. I just tried putting the left back in after dumping it and it wouldn’t even seat. I felt for obstructions and found 8in of sand just link you did. wth.

There are a lot of uncontrollable factors that go into the used abrasive movement - such as cut location and speed.

Depending on where the cut takes place, the pick-up filters will likely pull that used abrasive up first. For example, if the cut is placed on the left side of the cut bed, most of the used abrasive will fall to the left side of the tank, gathering in the 2 left pick-up filters and filling the left bucket. Furthermore, if cutting in the direct center of the cut bed, most of the used abrasive will begin to settle and collect at the center, ignoring all 4 of the pick-up filters. After enough cutting happens and with enough build up of abrasive in the tank, the pick-up filters will not be able to collect used abrasive at all.

The pick-up filters and venturi blocks can become clogged with debris. This will affect the used abrasive movement efficiency - as well as tank cleanliness. Turn the used abrasive collect feature on in the maintenance screen and check the clear venturi blocks for clogs:

Are the clear venturi blocks clear of debris? Check all 4 along the outside of the tank.

Additionally, when a full tank cleaning is performed, are the pick-up filters removed and cleaned thoroughly?

(Venturi Clean Out — WAZER Support | The First Desktop Waterjet.)

At this time, a full tank cleaning is recommended at approximately every 10 hours of cutting (or 200lbs of abrasive consumption). This does mean that removing the cut bed and removing the used abrasive by hand is required as part of maintenance.
(Full Tank Cleaning — WAZER Support | The First Desktop Waterjet.)

So I just manually cleaned my tank. Cleaned all four pick up filters and refilled my tank. Still no abrasive in trays after cleaning tank after cut.
Also, no abrasive from the 4 tubes going into trays.