Abrasive Feed Issues

When the cut begins, abrasive material starts coming of the open side of the boot that connects the abrasive feed tube to the solenoid on located on the bottom of the abrasive bin.

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Hi @Childepk welcome to the Forum!

This can be a tricky one, there are a lot of things that can cause abrasive to not be delivered to the cut.

During cutting the waterjet will create suction to carry abrasive through the abrasive hose. If this hose is clogged the suction may not be strong enough to carry the abrasive, make sure the hose is clear first!

Also make sure the abrasive hose is inserted into the catcher properly, otherwise it can obstruct the hole and cause feeding issues.

To test for the suction please follow the instructions on the page below, if you are unable to feel suction please open up a support ticket so that we can help to troubleshoot this issue!

I hope that the information above helps to get you cutting, if you are still having issues open a ticket and we will continue our troubleshooting there!

I found that I needed to cut an acrylic shim on a laser cutter to increase the distance from the mounting surface to the pinch valve. There’s now a straight drop from the hopper to the slipcover & hose. Since doing this, I’ve had no piles of abrasives under the unit. It also stabilized the mount.

I hope this helps.

You have a picture of that? I’ve been thinking about removing the whole drawer, and moving to an external hopper for the abrasive.

Something that only flows downhill to minimize the amount of suction needed.

Sorry, was away from the forum for a couple of weeks. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.