Abrasive spilled out

We are initiating the machine. While wanting to do the first cut, we couldn’t do it since the abrasive is being spilled out of the machine, dry. Anybody knows why? In the picture you see where is is spilled from

One of the issues with the retrofit from a pinch valve to a gravity drop is that the rubber hose that connects the abrasive hopper to the new collection area (what you’ve pointed to) for the abrasives tube isn’t a direct drop. When the machine was manufactured, it probably wasn’t a requirement. The good thing is that you can look down the hose to see if it’s non-aligned for a direct drop. I think I used a flashlight. I adjusted the mount using a couple of shims and have had no problems with the puddle of $$ abrasives.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much. We did as you suggested but now came to a new problem: the hp value is open… we are trying to figure this out so we couldn’t check if the abrasive problem is indeed fixed. do you have any idea about the HP VALUE OPEN?

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