Troubleshooting tip - low abrasive flow

Hi All,

So I was moving right along, cutting a piece and I noticed it started to not cut. Did a whole bunch of stuff to eventually find my abrasive was not coming out fast enough. My abrasive flow check started at 8g.

I’m in a tight space and had the hopper super full so instead of emptying it I just basically got up underneath where the hoper meets the vibrating valve with that little rubber piece that comes from the hopper and just massaged it and wiggled it around with enough intensity to move anything inside it but not enough to pull it loose. The next abrasive test was at 40g, another massage, 56g, another massage 80g, 110g, then 138g.

All this to try and maybe help some of you from emptying a full hopper to get back up and running. I figure this is akin to the “tear down” in the tutorials but I found it worked without having to empty and take everything apart.

Hope this helps, happy Wazing!


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