Persistant abrasive hose clog


I’ve run into my first issue with backflow and a following clogged abrasive line, and I cannot get it unclogged. I’ve loosened all pinch points, blown compressed air through both ends of the line, but still the clog persist. The line isn’t fully clogged though, I can see some bubbles when I hold the nozzle end of the hose under water while blowing air through. What more can I try?

Hi @jono! Thanks for joining the Community Forum. The abrasive clog you are seeing could be already clear.

If there are air bubbles coming from the hose then perhaps the clog has been resolved. To verify:

  1. Pinch the abrasive hose along the entire length - do you feel any clumps of abrasive as you pinch the hose?
  2. Suction Test! The suction generated by the cutting head can be felt manually by following the instructions in the link.

Does this help to verify the abrasive hose?

It’s also important to check the abrasive pinch valve for any potential clogs. If the back-flow is severe enough, it can clog the pinch valve. Press the button at the pinch valve and test for a flow for 3-4 seconds!

The clog was in the middle of the hose. When I blew air through today it solved the issue. I guess it had time to dry up a bit over the night. I checked the pinch valve as advised, and it functions as expected. Thanks for the help!

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