Please fix wam!

Thank you for the quick response. I can only say that at this point, words don’t mean much, if anything. Actions are the only thing that mean something. As customers, if we see that the business does not back up its words with actions, we just stop shopping there.

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And perhaps point out the the team that your company is missing out on sales due to dissatisfaction with WAM. I have personally spoken to several people who have chosen to NOT invest in your machines because of WAM.

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Any update on this after 7 days?

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HA!! If only. It feels to me like a decent operating system was this Kickstart campaign reward level that wasn’t unlocked.

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I have discussed the feedback and the need to update WAM with the internal team further throughout this week. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline we can share at this time.

I apologize if the lack of a time frame is unacceptable however, please note that this does not mean the requested feedback will never be implemented.

As Aaron has said, words do not mean much and this is true in most cases. When the time comes, I will do my best to make sure our actions improve WAM as dramatically as we can. Until then, I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and the feedback shared so far.

As always, please continue to constructively share and email me directly! These discussions will help to keep improving as we grow.

Honestly, is there even a software dev team currently? I solved one of the issues of adjusting the incremental steps while setting a new origin at the machine in 5 minutes, yet you guys couldn’t even answer a simple question about the “user modifiable parameters”. If there is truly a software dev team, that should have been a simple 3 or 4 chain conversation between you guys to get an answer instead of forcing your community to test stuff out while threatening them with a broken warranty/support.

We aren’t asking for much, any competent software developer can handle this in a couple hours. If you aren’t going to supply any updates in a reasonable time, you need to make this thing open source so the people who have spent 13K on their machines can use them the way they want. This is completely unacceptable and if I ever treated one of my clients like this, I would never get anymore work from them.

The fact you cant even create a timeline for an update is just baffling, that’s just basic organization and planning that you’ve had over a week to do. Even if you don’t think the timeline will please us because its too long, at least it would have shown you actually did something besides just spray out the same one liner about sending feedback to the dev team.

I will continue to steer people in a different direction when asked about this machine until I see that we are actually being listened too.


I am new to Wazer and CNC. I have been cutting stones manually. I bought the wazer months ago, but I have not been able to work on any projects until now. As a newbie, I find this software missing a lot of basic features, like being able to save a project. I would expect this from trial software. You can add all of these svg and dxf files into your cut, but you can’t save it??? I have to do auto tabs… which I do not have much control over how they are set up. I don’t see a way to move the piece hole that is place on the tab. I don’t see an UNDO feature when you delete something by accident. I do a lot of cutting stone in millimeters, but I would like the unit of measure for garnet calculation to be a preference also. I want to show LBS in garnet usage since that I how I have to order it from you. For those in metric countries, KG is fine. I know I can calc it myself. There is no “x” close box on the Material Edit menu, in case I don’t want to make it New. I found Esc works… just not consistent GUI.


Unfortunately there is little hope that the powers that be are going to do anything to adress the shoddy piece of programming that is wam. It would be easy and improve the machine user experience, perhaps hire Competent programmers that understand CNC, and 3D slicer softwares. Alas its not to be. But you certainly understand why so many end up back up for sale.

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I have to do auto tabs… which I do not have much control over how they are set up

I’m curious as to why you have to use auto tabs?

I don’t see a way to move the piece hole that is place on the tab.

You can slightly change where the pierce happens by adjusting the lead length, but you’re right that you can’t move it to wherever you want.

I want to show LBS in garnet usage

This should be shown at the last step in WAM before exporting.


I believe there is an issue where using tabs screws up the estimations. You can still get a rough calculation by turning off tabs, checking to see how long it will take/how much abrasive will be used, and then turning your tabs back on before exporting.

I agree with the rest of your comment though. It definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Lack of an ability to save a set-up is brutal, and an undo button would be a really nice quality of life add.



It’s been exactly four weeks since your last reply. I wanted to see if there was any progress being made about the myriad issues we’ve laid out for you guys.
Surely 4 weeks is enough to update at least a couple items on our list? Steady progress is progress, however slow. We’d love to see some proof that things are going to improve for us, your customers.


A customer (Aaron)


Unfortunately I don’t believe Wazer has any intention of improving WAM. Its an abandoned dog that we get to live with.

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Hey Aaron! There have been no updates or changes in the past 4 weeks.

I understand you and multiple other customers have been let down and are frustrated with the WAM software. We take great pride in our work, and our hope is always that it helps each one of our customers accomplish their goals. Clearly this was not your experience, and I personally apologize.

If the WAM software ever fails to meet a need/application, please share the example with me immediately. I would be happy to investigate further!

Until then I appreciate everyone’s patience and the feedback goes a long way!

As i said, its a dog that we’re stuck with. Seriously if i had looked into wam a bit further i definitely wouldn’t have spent the $11000. Question though, and its a serious one, where exactly does that feedback go? “A long way” to where exactly?


Each piece of feedback is stored in a log with details around context, references, and any quick investigation details such as repeatable, consistency, workaround, etc. This log currently has over 25 different feedback line items and will be used to improve WAM when the project is reached in the pipeline.

I’d be happy to discuss your concerns in greater detail on a phone call! Let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to schedule a time :slight_smile:

I don’t believe this company has a software development team like they say they do, otherwise these simple tasks could have at least had a timeline for them to be worked on… This company is dead as far as development goes, they’ll just try to keep the current units that are out in the wild, alive. They have shown us no reason to believe in them when it comes to development.

When publicly asked on the forum (by me) if there were any updates on timeline, they hid behind a private message so they wouldn’t have to let down the entire community again. They have a whole community willing to help iterate and prove out solutions yet they threaten us with warranty voiding. If you refuse to do anywork, just open up the firmware and software so we can make the fixes ourselves.

My wazer is just sitting in the corner in my shop collecting dust now because it’s not worth the hassle to deal with, waste of 11k. I will be working on a jailbreak/different controller when I have some extra time but that wont be for a while.

If Wazer respects their customers and actually take pride in their work like they say they do, then they would have fixed this awful piece of software by now. They get complaint after complaint from new users and returning users and nothing has been done to rectify the problem. No one should buy from Wazer at this point. If any of us treated our clients like they are, we would never get repeat customers.

LOL at the feedback log. You think we’re total idiots on this page huh?

It really is such a shame bc any time we’ve needed support for the machine itself, we get right through to someone and they’ve been able to solve our issues in minutes (it’s usually been minor problems). The machine, for what it is, is great for quick prototypes. We’re fortunate in that we’re a fairly large company so purchasing the Wazer wasn’t a huge capital expense for us and we have a number of local vendors we work with for laser cut or water-jet parts but we’d be able to do so much more in house and much more efficiently if the software wasn’t so rudimentary.

It seems painfully obvious that like Tyler mentions, there isn’t a software development team on hand. If you are unable to invest the time and resources into updating software, why not focus on creating an API that others can use to integrate with something like Lightburn or another platform? The community of users are clearly frustrated with the lack of any concrete answers beyond “we’re looking into it”


I have been using an industrial waterjet , and have worked with the CAM software Lantek expert, and it is miles apart from what you can do compared to WAM. It would be great if one would be able to use other CAD / CAM softwares also with WAZER.

Fairly new to WAZER, I still find a list of inconveniences in WAM …

-I find it problematic that the files are not saved as numbered CNC -files, that one could go back to and see the machine set up for a particular file. (gcode as used there ).

-It is also problematic that you are not able to draw in wam or able to drag parts into the correct position on your sheet , but instead you have to work out the rotation and type the degree angle of each individual part. Once done you cannot copy the part you have moved into position, but only add another part which will be looking placed at the exact same way as your drawing.

-It is completely illogical that the origin is set to the top left corner and not the bottom left corner like any x,y readable axis.

-It is also a problem that before you run a program it asks you to home the machine to its origin, then after you have to reset the origin. so the machine travels back to its machine origin , instead of being able to jog to the origin one would prefer.

-It is also unhelpful that when jogging it only moves in tiny increments , and that you cannot hold the button down to move origin to the point you want , but might have to press it 20-40 times to move the nozzle head to where it is required to be.

Few thoughts on the top of my head.
But I shall keep adding to the list of helpful improvements.

Otherwise I am happy with the machine for my studio use.

I am a bit unhappy with the cutting bed, why is this plastic , and not metal like industral waterjets?

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any news to share regarding software updates?

Dan, my friend, there won’t be any updates concerning WAM. They have no intention of fixing that thing. I would love to be proved wrong, but I’d bet a hundred bucks on it.

wild. Arguably one of the “easiest” things to fix with this system. I understand anything like this would require resources and time but jeez… it’s not like they have an entire product lineup to support…