No Running water

So I have a client looking to set up her WAZER but she has no running water in the location she needs to place her unit- HAs anyone created a pool or pump system to allow the Wazer to run with a local (non Piped in -) water source.

Appreciate any input would be great!


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The WAZER pump needs a water supply of 1 gallon per minute at a pressure of 35psi in order to run. How big of a pool or drum are you thinking of working with? Additionally, how do you plan on re-filling the drum/pool once it’s been used?

I do NOT recommend running the WAZER without a running water source. The input needed for the pump is necessary to run correctly. However, with the right tooling and planning ahead, perhaps the WAZER can be run in very short bursts/periods only if absolutely necessary.

A couple of days ago I was told by one of your support crew that there is a pump which you guys have sourced that will create the pressure and flow necessary if one is using a water tank to supply the cutter. Could you supply information about that pump?

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When it comes to maintaining the necessary water supply and pressure, we would recommend a booster pump to bring the water pressure up into the green zone, so to ensure the reliability and longevity of the pump box.

The diaphragm pumps widely used in RV industry in the US is a good option. Please find one example in the link below!

While sourcing the booster pump, please make sure the operation pressure is higher than 35psi, and the flow rate is at least 1Gal/min.

Having said that, running the pump box with a low input water pressure (hovering ~35-40psi) is not the end of the world. As long as the flow rate can be maintained above 1 gal/min, input pressure does not dip further during any operation, the pump box should have enough flow rate to function.

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Thanks bunches for the reply and the info!