Wazer Waste Water - How is everyone handling it?

Hi Wazer Group,

  • I am wondering how everyone is handling the waste water from their Wazer.

  • We built a bit of an elaborate system here at work - actually running it into an ejection pump system- then through filter media to keep any particulates from getting into the drain system.

  • I will post a picture when I can figure out how to do that.

  • I’m interested in what everyone else is doing.


I am sending it down the drain for 1.0 years. I am sure at some point that will create a plumbing problem. I will be interested in seeing your build.

I’m not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but at Wazer HQ we have taken to using a large settling tank to let the finer silt from the machine outflow settle on the bottom then letting water on top flow to another compartment. In our case this was accomplished with an off-the shelf plastic tub with a thick piece of ABS sheet glued in as a divider. Machine waste water is dumped in one side and allowed to settle. the water then flows over the barrier to the other side and a float switch (similar to the ones used in the Wazer tank) activates a pump to the drain when the level gets too high. Please see my poorly done sketch below:

@Greg and @cmoore know far more about the implementation of this than I do.

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@griffin did a great job of explaining how the settling tank works and how weve implemented a float switch to control the water level. Our baffle arrangement is a little bit more complicated.

In the tank we have three baffles, two that the water will travel over and one that it travels underneath. Separating the settling tank into more chambers hypothetically should allow it to trap more abrasive.

This system works really well for us, most of the abrasive is captured in the first chamber. See my even more poorly done sketch below, let me know if there are any questions!

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Interesting to stumble on this … thought I would share how I solved. Finding this thread validated my concern a little.

5 Gal bucket. Menards pump. Some 2". I have the same trap on the other end of the pump dumping into a drain… Water runs clear. Maybe 150 bucks in all?

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