Useful 3d printed model

Hi everyone

Having experienced a couple of ‘backflow’ issues I was a bit frustrated that by the time the water alarm went off there was already a big puddle of water under the Wazer and it hadn’t been cutting for a little while. I don’t want to stand and watch the machine every second of every cut.

So I have designed and printed a very simple tray that sits to the side of the machine and is stepped so it captures any water leaking from the abrasive pickup. If it collects any water it runs into the lower tray where the water alarm is situated. My aim is to warn me quicker when backflow happens and also make cleanup quicker and easier.

Hopefully, the screenshot helps explain.

AutoCAD Fusion 360 file for those that want it is available on Thingiverse:

Great idea! I think I’ll print one for my own machine. Thank you.