High-pressure system (output check)

Before starting the machine for the first time, we did the initial check for the low-pressure system and it went ok. Now that we checked the high-pressure system (output check) we got the message: hp valve is open - and water is not coming out of the nozzle.
Please help us.

Hey! I’ve had my WAZER for over a year, and just ran into the same issue. I’ve tried cleaning the nozzle as well as replacing the Orifice. I’ve contacted the support team but probably won’t hear back until Monday. Did you get it figured out?

Update! WAZER support sent me the following link Door Switch Magnet Adjustment — WAZER Support | The First Desktop Waterjet.

There is a magnet on the left hand side for the HP sensor, that needed to be adjusted for the valve to open.

My machine sat for over a year without use. I had a similar problem, there was slime in the hose lines from standing water for over a year. Once I got that removed my water moved just like… water! HAHA