Pump question from a new user


I’m new to the Wazer and got mine secondhand and am missing some peices.

I’d like to get my unit running but don’t have a pump. Does the pump run and build pressure continuously the whole time the machine is on or does it stop building pressure each time it moves to the next piercing?

Also, I see the specs page says the pump is 120V AC (US) and I see a blue ended wire is supposed to be connected to the pump.
What does this blue wire do? I ask because the machine operates on the 24V DC power supply so it wouldn’t make sense for the pump to use the blue wire as a power supply.

What is the blue end wire?:

  • pressure regulation control
  • pump operation sensor
  • pump power sensor
  • pump diagnostic/operation checking sensing
  • pump on/off trigger
  • pump safety shut-off
  • pump bypass before moving to the next piercing
  • pump pressure relief at shut down

Any help on my two questions above would be greatly appreciated!

I’m not an expert but I’ll give it a try. The pump runs all the time during a cut. i believe a solenoid control valve open when actually cutting. The pump also runs during some of the maintenance functions such as bed cleaning.
I believe the blue wire is the control to signal the pump when to run.
I hope this helps.

Thank you! From what I understand from your message the pump runs full time so I should be able to use the blue wire to signal an electric pump such as I’d find in a commercial electric pressure washer.

If anyone knows different please let me know!

Again, no expert here, but I think the Wazer pump is lower volume but higher pressure than a power washer pump. On the Wazer pump gauge the green range where it operates is 3,800 to 4,000 PSI.

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