Feature Requests

I’m using Wazer in my job to make rapid prototypes and cuts in mostly thin sheet metal and I’m mostly very happy with the machine. I have a few suggestions to Wazer that would make it much easier for me to use:

  • Improved “move origin”-function with smaller steps
    I always set the origin of my part to (0,0) in WAM since I don’t know yet where I will place my material (this depends on where it will fit and where there is place for screws). When setting up the cut I move the origin to the corner of my material. The origin is moved 10mm for each button press, which is tedious when moving far, and too coarse when the origin needs to be very close to the edge of the material. I suggest that the “Move origin” starts with moving at a rate of 100mm per button press, then after pressing OK, the step size goes down to 10mm per press, and finally 1mm per press. With this I can precisely move the origin to my material instead of trying to move the material to my origin.

  • M-code to pause the machine and wait for user input
    I often cut multiple parts in one gcode file (to save time going through the setup every time) and I’d like to avoid having tabs on my parts. Therfore, I’d like the machine to stop and wait for me to remove the cut part before continuing. This is also useful when you have internal sections to cut out. This function will however require changing the gcode-file, which is a breach of warranty, but I suspect many users already do this to get cuts in the correct order.

  • Smart cut sequence
    Many of my parts have bolt holes spaced around on a circular plate. The default cut sequence goes back and fourth randomly instead of cutting the holes in a radial pattern with minimum amount of travel between each cut. A lot of time could be saved by always going to the closest cut.

Other features for WAM that others also have requested other places on the forum:

  • Possibility to save the WAM-project so that it is possible to edit later instead of always starting from scratch.
  • Change to normal cursor in material selection menu in WAM (Instead of crosshairs)
  • Show material parameters when selecting material in WAM (pierce time and cut speeds) to quickly see if the parameters are completly wrong / wrong material selected
  • Button to zoom out to fit entire cut bed in WAM window
  • Click-and-drag rotation of parts in WAM

100% support from me on these suggestions. Any and all of these would be great changes.

Hi Jono! Thanks for organizing and sharing your thoughts in great detail - It is greatly appreciated!

The pause feature is a neat idea I haven’t heard of before and is a great solution to cutting carefully with the increased risk of no tabs.

Thanks for sharing :grinning:

Id be shocked if we see any movement in improving the functionality of WAM.

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