Creating a Custom Material Setting

Our Materials Database contains cut settings for many popular materials, but the WAZER can be used to cut almost anything. Eventually we’ll all come across a material that doesn’t exist in the database, to cut these you will need to create a Custom Material Setting.

The two major factors that will be different between material settings are the Pierce Time and the Feed Rate. The WAZER has a feature called Cut Rate Testing that can be used to determine the settings needed for any material. Using a piece of sacrificial material, the WAZER will perform a cut that allows you to measure the pierce time and observe the cutting results at different feed rates. These results will then be used to calculate the settings needed.

Once the settings are known, you can go into WAM and create a Custom Material Setting by clicking on Add/Edit Material in step 3.

From here, click the blue “New” box in the bottom right corner and plug in your settings. Make sure to select the correct unit type next to Material Thickness and hit Save when you are finished.

The article below will go over this process and contains more information about Cut Rate Testing. Share your Custom Material Settings here so that we can expand our material databases together!