Cutting garolite g-10 (several thicknesses, 3/8" to start)

looking to cut some simple shapes out of garolite flat stock, what are the best settings to use? should i be concerned about delamination?

We had issues with it separating when we used any bonded material. Cuts it fine with WAZER but we switched to a poly. Play with the settings on .375 something similar and make you a new setting.

Hey Aspen,

We’ve found that the Carbon Fiber setting will sometimes work for G10. When cutting composite materials there will be a huge range of properties and quality that they can be, this will affect the results of the cut and the settings needed.

Some materials just do not respond well to being cut with a waterjet, the waterjet can get between the layers and cause separation. If you are seeing delamination you may benefit from sandwiching the material between two thin layers of plastic to hold everything in place.

When you’re not sure what material setting to use the best way to find them will be to perform cut rate testing. See the page below for more information on this process and creating a custom material setting.