New Materials in the cutting library?

I see on the Material Specs page in the Material Gallery section of your site that Brass is considered part of the Metals section, but when I go to WAM, it is not a selection I can choose.

I am hoping Brass and other Materials will officially be added to WAM/WAZER. Will there be updates like this?


Hi I cut some 1/8" brass the other day. Just pretended it was steel and used the built in specs. If it helps,

Thanks for the suggestion, but brass and steel (which alloy?) aren’t the same. Wazer, on the one hand, informs us to go through an extensive process ($) for adding materials to the cutting library, which you then have to repeat at different thicknesses, and then, on the other hand, spotlights a user making brass jewelry and has in their website, brass listed as a material you can cut at different thicknesses. I would pay for a DLC-like upgrade to the cutting library.

I know they aren’t the same. But it worked. So why would I need another entry in the material library?
Serious question.

I’m glad that works for you, but this isn’t my machine, so I would rather not set a precedent for users to use different material settings. Also, I’m sure the fact that they have a calibration procedure developed by the designers of the machine doesn’t mean you need … a calibration procedure.