Hole Center Mark


The Wazer is a great tool. However, it does has limitations. One limitation is the cut/pierce time required in thicker engineering materials such as metal. To increase productivity I have started drawing only 2mm diameter holes in my parts that have a large thickness and then using the drill press to finish them off. This works well. However, it would be nice if I didn’t have to create a second version/drawing of my part with 2mm diameter holes. It would be great if the WAM software could identify any circles less than a given diameter and give the option of simply doing a center mark (a 10-20 second pierce). It doesn’t matter if the pierce doesn’t go all the way through. This would greatly reduce cutting times in pieces with many holes and the amount of garnet used.


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Hello @jmount1992! Thanks for joining the Forum and sharing your concern!

There is one feature of WAM that may help to alleviate some of these issues - it is called the Auto Pierce Function. Due to the size of the kerf and the offsets on pathing options, a pierce function has been created to create pilot holes/pierce holes in any pathing where following the path does not give an accurate cut.

Essentially, the size of a hole with the following offsets will be auto-pierced:


For more in-depth information, the support article found in this link will walk you through the auto-pierce logic.

One way to get a good idea of the cut preview is to visualize a gcode file. This link explains how to do so - it is a great tool for troubleshooting and understanding a cut file before it is performed! Any auto-pierce marks will be previewed as a dot, or a single coordinate.

Can you change those auto-piercing offsets? I want to simply have a pilot pierce, doesn’t even have to go the whole way through the material (just a mark will do), for all holes up to a user-specified given diameter without having to change my drawing.