Manual Tabs Problems


Just started using Wazer and Wam

Today, I created a few test shapes to cut in glass, I started with a simple circle, square, etc

Then, I decided to try a heart, and I manually altered the Tab position. The cutting file came back with 23:59:49 cutting time and -0.40kg abrasive use

I thought I must have created the file wrong, so I recreated it, this time left the automatic tabs, and it gave a far more normal cutting time and abrasive usage

So I experimented. I created a circle, imported the DXF. 60mm circle in 3mm soda-lime glass. Cut time approx 1 minute, 0.19kg abrasive.

Then I changed the tabs to manual, and the cutting time went down to 00:00:05 and some very low 0.01Kg abrasive

I tried a square, and the with automatic tabs, normal cut time, manual tab it went back up to the 23:59:49 figure.

I have no idea why this is happening? Is it a glitch, or is to do with the files I am creating?

I am using CorelDraw, selecting the shape tool. When I export as SVG they don’t show as visible on WAM virtual bed (again not sure why this is, hoping I can use CorelDraw effectively as I just spent rather a lot of money on it!)

So I’ve been exporting as DXF

Thank you.


Ah! You’ve experienced one of our known bugs. When using the manual tab placement, it will throw the usage estimations way off! Even to numbers that don’t even exist, like negative abrasive consumption :sweat_smile:

Apologies for the inconvenience! The Support and Dev. team are aware of this and have been chasing the bug for some time.

However, this bug only affects the estimation count - it does not affect the real time cut and speed. If you are looking for the most accurate estimations, please refer to the info before manually changing the tab position.

Ah, that’s not so bad then!

So, for a reasonable estimate, allow it to place automatic tabs, then move/.create manual tabs before creating cut file, and all will be well?

I will give that a go next time I have a play. Thank you!

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If you are using DXF files, where your poly line starts/stops will be the tab by default.

I make an effort to have my MASTER copies with good start stop locations, because manipulation of the tabs in the software can be laborious.

So far, I’ve not had start/points that I have controlled, because I’ve been using the draw shape tool in CorelDraw, so I don’t think it’s actually a poly-line then is it?

I have SO MUCH to learn, lol