Can we get a rewind button?

Abrasive not flowing is just going to happen sometimes…

Okay, that isn’t a big deal if we can rewind the job by 5-10-30 seconds, and then resume.

OH NO Abrasive stopped!! I’m not cutting…

Fix, rewind 30 seconds…

Project isn’t lost, I don’t have to re-fixture, start over, or mess with re-cutting the last 40 minutes just to deal with this one part of the glass. (I mean if it was metal, I could just cut with a saw, but if I’m cutting glass, where the part is so small, and the cuts so accurate I can’t really do it by hand. That is why I bought an expensive toy.)

So, I would HIGHLY recommend there be a way to jump back in a file on machine by a set number of seconds. It would save so many parts over time, and just make the dreaded abrasive stops flowing much easier to recover from.

*If you really want to get fancy, it’s SUPER easy to hear when you’re not cutting, the machine sound is VERY distinct when you’re not cutting. Time to write an AI to detect it, and auto stop the machine.


@spdkils, that’s what I need too. I’m working on other things while cutting and ours usually stops up about 3/4 of the way (Murphy’s Law right?) Like you said, it’s tough cutting the glass correctly in tight spots.

Please! Can we have a little redo backup?

The file is juts GCode, I think it uses absolute coordinates, SUPER easy to just rewind it.
Then go from there… You “could” just open the file delete everything that it already cut…

But really it doesn’t give you line numbers of where the pause was, etc.

Ultimately… a rewind button while paused is what I’m after. (Yes that would be firmware.)

(Btw, the reason I get stopped flows, is the pinch valve isn’t opening all the time… if you just put the hose right in the hopper, you BURN thru the abrasive, but it never stops!!)

I agree, this is a great idea! I made sure to share this with the development team and add your feedback to a changelog we refer to. Thanks so much for your feedback!

At this time, the best way to jump back into a cut that has failed is the “Restart Cut” feature. This can be found in the Cut Prep menu before beginning a cut. Once you begin a Restart Cut, the cutting head will begin to dry run along the paths, allowing the user to press the Start button at the position where the cut has failed.

I know this feature is not the rewind feature you mentioned, which has totally different use cases! Do you use the Restart Cut feature? If you have any feedback on this use case, please let me know! I would greatly appreciate it :grinning:


I had no idea that is what that was for.

That could help, but the rewind would be much simpler during the cut… However, I’ll give it a try. I hate wasting glass for just one inch of abrasive failure.

Thank you Alex! Didn’t know what that feature was. I was going to ask for a “fast forward button” as I’ve had an issue with the Wazer crashing to default after a pause (I think I had to check the water tank level, and then it crashed and did not allow me to resume. So I had to start from the beginning again. I’d rather fast forward to the spot and pick it up from there).