Reserve Mode / able to back up 2 min into a cut

Hello All,
I was reading a post yesterday about a feature. it enable you to go back on a cut. anyways lost the post . point is I don’t wanna restart the cut over again and lost the part or time .Does anyone know about the Feature???

thanks in advance for your input

Hey Brian.l, it sounds like you were reading about the Restart Cut feature. It doesn’t allow you to go backwards in the cut but it will help to finish an interrupted cut without having to restart from the beginning.

Restart Cut will allow you to begin the cut at any point in the file by beginning the cut in a Dry Run mode. The gantry will move through the cut exactly how it will during cutting, but without the waterjet exiting the nozzle. Once it has reached the point you want to begin the cut press Start/Stop to pause it, then press Start/Stop to begin the cut at that point. Check out the page below for more information on this feature.

It’s not exactly a reverse feature but I think this will accomplish what you need to finish your cut, hope this helps!


:+1: :+1:t2: yes that it. thanks Greg