Restarting a cut part way through

I ran out of grit partway through a cut and the machine turned off before I was able to get back to it and refill the hopper. Now I’m 40 minutes into a cut and don’t want to restart and waste all that garnet to get back where I was. Is there any way to start a cut 75% of the way through? Or just turn off the abrasive feed and only waste the water?
Any help appreciated!

Hello @nrdglass! Thanks for joining the Forum and sharing your question!

At this time, the best way to jump back into a cut that has failed is the “Restart Cut” feature. This can be found in the Cut Prep menu before beginning a cut. Once you begin a Restart Cut, the cutting head will begin to dry run along the paths, allowing the user to press the Start button at the position where the cut has failed. (Link)

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Thank You! Idk how I missed this.