Restart Cut/Slow Crawl Bug

Hey WAZER Community!

We’ve recently discovered a bug related to the Restart Cut feature and have found a workaround to avoid this issue while we sort it out.

When using the Restart Cut feature to begin a cut, sometimes users experience extremely slow movements between cuts. When this has happened the gantry was moving slowly enough that it appeared to freeze! We refer to this issue as the Slow Crawl Bug, after some internal testing to recreate the issue we found out what will cause this to occur.

When using the Restart Cut if you press the Start/Stop button to begin the cut at a point where the gantry is moving between cuts, it will cause all future movements between cuts to be performed extremely slow. If you are familiar with .gcode, the issue will occur when the cut is Restarted during a G0 movement, the rapid movement between cuts.

To avoid the Slow Crawl bug you will need to press the Start/Stop button at a point where the gantry is performing a cut, avoiding any point where the gantry is moving between cuts. (Start/Stop must be pressed during a G1 movement instead of a G0 movement). This will allow the cut to run as normal and prevent the gantry from moving extremely slow.

One way to check whether a movement in your file is G0 or G1 is to use a .gcode visualizer to view your file. The one we use in-house to view files is, see this page for more information on visualizing your .gcode file.

I hope you don’t run into this bug, but if you do please use this workaround to ensure your cuts are finished in a timely manner!