Inconsistent origin of cuts

Does anyone else sometimes experience issues when changing the origin of a cut? I have been cutting out small pieces on the WAZER and moving the origin for each cut, but sometimes the WAZER decides it wants to go back to it’s original starting point instead of the new 0 I programmed.

I have come across this problem where it seemed like my new origin was not being saved when I would adjust it at the machine. Turns out I was getting an error saying I was outside of the machine cut extents, which I certainly was not. My work around may not be very user friendly if you do not know how to manually code, but if you just measure by hand where you want to move your origin too, you can open up your gcode file and hand edit your origin coordinates and just reload your code on your wazer and you should be good to go.

Please do not edit or create custom gcode for the WAZER in any circumstance. The results of a custom gcode could result in damage to the water-jet, the facility/environment, or hurt the operator.

This is especially dangerous to anyone unfamiliar with gcode.

If the move origin feature is not working, please share your workflow and gcode with me so I can help investigate closer or re-create the issue. I have seen move origin issues in the past and the root cause was due to firmware or controller hardware. The quickest workaround to an origin position issue at this time is to re-create the gcode or manually move the material under the original origin and then secure the material to the bed.

Not everyone has time to come ask a support team for help when something very simple will fix the problem. I don’t use this machine for a hobby or personal projects, if I have to sit idle for an hour while I wait for a call back or a response to an email, my company starts losing money. You guys didn’t even respond to this thread to help the OP out until I gave him a work around for his issue.

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