New Origin Adjustment Fix

So I, as well as some others have been having issues with the WAM software we are stuck using so I started digging into the stuff the support team here doesn’t seem to have any answers about.

One of the main issues during setup is the origin placement of your cut, when you can only adjust this in 10mm increments, you cannot make fine adjustments unless you go back to your computer and adjust your set up and repost, or remove your material and reset it on the cut bed to adjust your origin.

Being able to adjust this setting would help minimize waste during cuts and would save a lot of time reposting code or adjusting your stock.

Luckily, wazer provides us a config file that has a few user modifiable parameters. If you go down to the bottom you will see a line talking about the z height jog interval and the value is set to 10. If you change that number and reflash your firmware onto the machine, your z height jog will be changed as well as your new origin setting during the cut set up. I will add a screen shot below so you can see the correct line to change.

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