Adjusting the Jogging Index Amount when Moving the Origin?

We are finding a discrepancy between where Wam says we are cutting in the bed vs where we are actually cutting.

Is there any way to change the index value of the “move origin”? It seems to only move in increments of 10 when jogging which is too large. Is there a way to adjust this value to get more percision?

Or adjust the cut bed/constant offset so that it is truer to what Wam says?

Hey @alindberg - Thanks for joining the community forum and sharing your feedback!

It sounds like you are already familiar with the origin and it’s location but let me go into some detail:

For all cut features, the origin is the top left corner of the Cut Extents. “Cut Extents” are an imaginary rectangular box that completely covers all of the cut feature. It is normally displayed as a box with black dotted lines (see picture).

The X and Y Position shown in the “Scale and Position” menu of WAM are the coordinates of the “Origin” on the cut bed. The “Origin” is the top left corner of the “Cut Extents”. You can imagine the cut bed is in the forth quadrant of a graph. When preparing a cut file, the normal Order of Operations is the cutting head will move to the “Home” location, and then travel to the “Origin” location.


However, there may be some discrepancy between the virtual cut bed location and the real cut bed. This is because over time the cut bed will begin to wear or warp/balloon. For the most repeatable location finding, we recommend finding the ideal origin location, fixture the sheet of material to the bed in the ideal location, and then using that reference tighten down other materials into the corner of the material sheet so this can be re-used again in the future.

The move origin feature will move in 10mm increments - unfortunately this increment cannot be changed. I have shared this feedback with the Dev. team in hopes of improving in the future.

When you download the updated firmware from your website, it comes with a config file and allows you to adjust the jog interval during the nozzle height setting before each cut. I haven’t played around with this yet but I am wondering if this only changes the jog during the Z height setting process? Or does this also carry over to setting a new origin? If this does not carry over, could you not just add another line to the config file to allow us to change the jog interval during origin setting as well? 10mm is just too large for setting a new origin.


Hi @Tyler5883 - Thanks for joining the community forum and sharing your concern!

Please do not edit or open the firmware files on the website - this can lead to unknown operation that has not been tested and we cannot support that.

Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge or context behind the firmware so I cannot say for sure that it is as simple as adding another line for the origin movements.

What I can say for sure is that the Move Origin feature will move in 10mm increments. If 10mm increments are too large of a movement then a workaround such as moving the material along the bed once the cutting head is at the origin or perhaps re-creating the gcode with a newer origin location is required at this time.

I have requested a more precise move origin movement feature/feedback with our dev. team! Do you mind providing a few more details or pictures around your material, set-up, workflow, etc. to help me create feedback? I would greatly appreciate it!

The firmware file comes with a config file that I believe Tyler is talking about. It is not the actual firmware file.

Everything in it is labeled as “User Modifiable Parameters”. Are these not supposed to be changed?

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The only real feedback your team should need is the fact that 10 mm for most people is too large of a step to ensure a proper new origin location without the hassle of rearranging your material or running back to the computer to edit the gcode. You provide us with a config file that allows the user to modify how the machine behaves. There is even a note in said file that tells you which settings the user can adjust, opening a .txt file shouldn’t hurt anything if you open with notepad or else you guys would not have provided such a file.

I do not know how this machine is coded to run, but it seems like the easiest fix for your team would be to add a user controlled setting in the config file that allows us to adjust the increments of movement while setting new origin, the same way you allow us to change the increments of movement during the nozzle height setting. I suggest you open up the config file yourself so you understand what I am talking about.

There is a line in there written as “waterjetcutter.z_height_jog_interval_checksum 10.0”

This is a user modifiable setting, if possible, all we need is that same line but for setting a new origin, honestly I would rather be able to adjust my increments during new origin setting over setting my nozzle height.

People using this as a hobby machine may not find this necessary, but using this in a fabrication/prototype shop, trying to mitigate waste material and time wasted adjusting my code/part, this would help out a lot.


I apologize if I was not specific enough - the config file and firmware file work in tandem. I am not sure what the intention behind the “User Modifiable Parameters” text means and will have to look into this with the team. I apologize for any confusion!

Opening either and editing them is a breach in the terms of service under 5.6.B and will void the machine’s warranty/support.

I see - thanks for the clarification! A need for repeatable and accurate origin locations in order to minimize waste can be created through many different scenarios. A more accurate origin movement is one way and I will share this feedback with the dev. team.

Thank you!

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