Any stained glass artists here?

Personally I really enjoy cutting glass with the WAZER. Being that it is so fragile I’ve always been apprehensive to choose glass as a medium for projects, but it cuts so well with a waterjet that I hardly need to worry about breakage.

I definitely hope to expand my skillset into stained glass art, does anybody have some tips for a beginner?


I want to start making stained glass as well. I found this video from the Glass Underground. They use the WAZER for intricate shapes they can not cut by hand, and low volume production runs.

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Hey Green! Welcome, and thanks for joining the WAZER Community Forum! Unfortunately I am unfamiliar with the specifics around stained glass art, but I hope you find what you are looking for soon!

The video Trevor shared is a great showcase of what glass artists are doing with the WAZER. If you are local to the Glass Underground, I am sure you could call or stop-by and they will happily answer any of your questions!

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@Green114 check out the project i just posted here.

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Just start cutting glass, yes sure sometimes the glass breaks when cutting to close to the edge.
But that shouldn’t prevent you from starting !

glass hearts

glass butterflies


I started a small stained glass business with help of the wazer. We have had a lot of success at selling at Artisan events

We use Material Borosilicate glass 3 mm. The key is to keep it flat and secure


Wow thanks for showing me the stuff you guys have made, now I’m excited to start designing and planning out my project!

Does anybody have a guide for beginners? I’m comfortable with the WAZER and have cut glass, but I’m hoping for some tips to make laying out and securing all of the pieced together a bit easier.

I’ll share my results in the project section when its ready to show off, thanks for the encouragement everybody!

start with straight lines and some curves, this will make it easier to finish your first projects and get practice working with glass.

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Hi! You can come visit The Glass Underground anytime to see our WAZERS. If you’re not near, I’m always available on the phone! 732-384-7504!


Not necessarily stained glass but I cut a lot of Bullseye for kilnforming projects.


Hey Nathan! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Community Forum! The table inspired by traditional Hindu-Kush rug designs is absolutely amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading each table art piece article you have on your website and believe the tables are wonderfully crafted. Thank you for sharing!

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Great work. I’m new to Wazer and want to cut stained glass. Would you mind sharing your setting to get me started?

I also purchased this for glass. Frankly don’t use it as much as I planned but its insane how well it does work. The software has glass profiles that worked fine … some glass is softer or harder depending on color so it does vary a bit.

Very easy to get a feel for if you don’t mind wasting some glass. This was one of my test windows.


The only problem I have noticed is some of the glass is thicker than others especially Youghiogheny which as various thickness. I move the head around to make sure it’s high enough, other wise it gets too close to the glass and shoots water into the sand tube. I finally figured that out. Also I have tabs set but sometimes the glass pops off and goes to the bottom of the tank. Any ideas about putting a screen around the gaps between the side of the machine and the base? Thanks!

I’ve literally just placed a wire mesh between the cutbed and the glass that is mounted, and it won’t let any small pieces fall thru.
The speed is high enough on the glass that it doesn’t cut very much of the wire at all, the only drawback is that you get a bit more scuffing on the bottom side of the glass.
(Tape/contact paper to deal with that)

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I cut strips of clear glass and push them to the edge of the wall and screwed them there and that works.

Hi Mark,
Where do you get your files? Do you create them?

I import images into Inkscape and draw for them